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The best agency and with the best companies looking for talent.

Find the job of your dreams in less than 30 days.

Applies to local and global companies. We connect with more than 100 companies in Mexico and North America.


Everything you need to find a job

Reliable companies.

We are the appropriate link between companies and candidates. We follow world-class processes.

Competitive salaries and international opportunities. 

We have prior contact with the contracting companies.

Our experts receive constant feedback from these companies.

The importance of visibility.

Our proven process provides the greatest exposure to our candidates advancing through the processes.

Correctly filling out information increases the chances of being introduced to a company by up to 80%.

What do companies say about CobaltoTalent?


"Hiring the services of CobaltoTalent was the right decision. Their speed in placing the candidate we were looking for was impressive. In less than a fortnight, they found her. In addition, their constant and transparent communication kept us informed at all times. We are very satisfied with the results obtained and without a doubt we recommend them".

Rodrigo Velázquez, CEO Indeko

Rodrigo Velázquez

CEO Indeko

Jaime Flores


Tariq Al Muthasib

CEO Talent Gravity

Hector Romero

Romero Group 

Marco Mendez

CEO Tomcat

Join the +100 companies in Mexico and North America to which we provide solutions with candidates from day ONE.

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