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Your offshore talent acquisition specialist.

Leverage the Opportunity and Elevate your Company's Productivity by Accessing the Finest Talent Pool in Latin America.

Access AI-assessed talent curated by our team. From mid-level managers to C-level executives.


In a world full of talent, we're your link to connect with it

Experience in multiple industries and roles; services, technology, manufacturing, finance, among others

Candidates with experience in international companies.

Comprehensive screening and evaluation process.

Personalized support from our specialists.

Reasons to Hire International Talent.

Access a world of top-tier international talent in Mexico.

Cost-effective solutions for your staffing needs.

Cultivate a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

How do we do it:

We understand your specific needs, especially if it's your first time hiring talent outside your country.

We leverage the best available technology to search and assess candidates who meet your requirements.

All candidates have international and remote work experience.

Save weeks in the process by simply reviewing video profiles of potential candidates.

How to start:

Join the +100 companies in Mexico and North America to which we provide solutions with candidates from day ONE.

Step 1

Contact us so one of our specialists can understand your specific needs.

Passed 2

Receive proposal and  top 5% of candidate options in less than 72 hours.

Step 3

Evaluate and find your ideal candidates.

Step 4

Hire through 1099 contractors  or use our PEO infrastructure.

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