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4 ChatGPT Prompts for your recruitment processes.

Do you want to improve your recruitment processes? We offer you four universal prompts to achieve that. Keep reading and elevate your selection strategy!

These prompts are designed to be used sequentially, one after the other. Anyone can use them. Start by customizing your prompt according to your recruitment requirements and enhance your recruitment process with ChatGPT!

Prompt #1 - Job Description Creation

Act as a talent attraction and recruitment expert and design a job description for a [Job Title] in the [Industry] industry for the company [Company Name]. Design the job description to be simple and easy to read, keep the most recent and up-to-date activities that the position typically performs. Likewise, request the most relevant and up-to-date digital software and tools for the position to carry out its tasks. Finally, include the soft skills necessary for the position to perform its activities to their full potential.


Prompt #2 - Formulate Questions

Take into account the response you provided earlier and work with its content as indicated in this prompt. Please generate a set of structured questions for interviewing a candidate applying for the position mentioned in Prompt #1. Consider that the interviewer will be a [Interviewing Position], so design the questions according to the profession's knowledge that the interviewer possesses. Include questions related to the requirements of the response and that help determine the candidate's character and interpersonal skills subtly. Limit your response to a range of 5-6 questions.


Prompt #3 - Estimate Answers

Considering the response from Prompt #2 and the questions generated, establish the possible answers as guidelines so that the interviewer can get an idea of what an ideal candidate response would be. List the suggested answers in the following format:

Question #X

1. Ideal Response - {Key idea from the candidate's response}

2. Good Response - {Key idea from the candidate's response}

3. Neutral Response - {Key idea from the candidate's response}

4. Poor Response - {Key idea from the candidate's response}

For each previously listed classification, describe in fewer than 20 words which idea the interviewed candidate should convey for the interviewer to classify the response as excellent or poor.


Prompt #4 - Determination of Psychological Profile

Based on the previous response, analyze the set of answers categorized as ideal and, in conjunction with the job requirements (established in the response from Prompt #1), determine the psychological profile that would best fit your analysis for the desired position. Formulate your response so that anyone, even someone without a background in psychology, can understand it.

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